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Mask Wearing Expectations and Student Discipline

With the release of our reopening plan for August 12, we’ve been asked to clarify student discipline around non-compliance of mask wearing.  As advised by Public Health, KDE and the local board attorney, the discipline related to non-compliance should be considered part of the current Code of Conduct and dress code policies.  Teachers and staff will be modeling behaviors and teaching the importance of the CDC guidelines including the reason mask wearing is an expectation while moving at school or when unable to social distance.  Students will be asked to comply and staff will explain the reasons for the guidelines.  If students do not comply, warnings will be given and conferences will be held with parents and guardians if needed.  A room will be available for students who do not comply and, if after working with the student and family, it has been determined the expectation cannot be reached, an alternate enrollment option may be recommended or mandated for the student. 

ARC meetings will be held to determine individual needs for students with IEPs or 504 plans as it relates to mask wearing.  Written medical exemptions provided by a healthcare professional for students and staff will be accepted. Alternate PPE will be considered. 

If you have question about masks on the move expectations, please submit your question using our Question Submission Form

Note: Kindergarten and preschool students are not required to wear a mask