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How is the decision made to cancel school due to inclement weather?

As early as 4:00 am the superintendent, transportation director, director of student services, and director of district-wide operations are checking weather forecasts, weather conditions and testing roads. Other staff of the transportation department is often called to check roads as well. The team checks sections of the county and roads that are typically the most dangerous when snow or icy covered. Even if the roads are initially satisfactory, the drivers make several trips if the snow continues to fall, or if the weather continues to deteriorate. The team shares conditions with each other.

By 5:30 am the superintendent contacts the emergency management director for radar updates and advice. The final decision is typically made by 5:45 and notifications are made if at all possible by 6:00 am.


What if bad weather arrives (or is expected to arrive) when children are in school?

The team is checking weather radars and roads if weather is expected during school hours. If necessary, emergency management is contacted for radar updates and advice. If severe weather strikes while students are in school a decision to close school for the remainder of the day may be made. Activating the transportation system due to inclement weather takes time. Transporting students safely will require carefully planned dismissal procedures. We also take into consideration the possibility of young children arriving home without an adult present during severe weather, or not even being able to get inside their home. Updated early release information is very important. OneCall now system will be used to notified parents and guardians. Parents and guardians are encouraged to call the school to change their children's plans if needed.


Where can parents find information about school closings?

School closing, delays or early dismissals will be posted on the school's website and social media sources as soon as the decision is made. A OneCall alert will be sent to parents for early dismissal or evening cancellation call. OneCall will NOT be used for early morning cancellations. Due to the 10,000+ messages to be delivered, it takes 45 minutes to an hour to deliver a message.


Will all after-school activities for students be canceled if school is closed?

After school activities or games will depend on the current weather conditions. Most are typically cancelled but some are not. Individual school administration will communicate updated decisions through social media and school websites.


What can parents do to help their students and schools prepare?

Update early dismissal information at your child's school to make sure emergency contacts are updated and accurate. If not, contact the school to provide dismissal information.

Contact your childcare facility, if necessary, to find out what their procedures are for inclement weather.

Make plans ahead of time and communicate with your children so they understand what to expect during an early school dismissal due to inclement weather.

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