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Student Athlete Accident And Insurance Information

If a student athlete has an injury or needs medical assistance while attending or participating in a school related event the process is as follows:

·      Athletic trainer will assess or EMS will be called if necessary

o   If playing in another school district and (their) trainer is available, the trainer can assess or EMS can be called if necessary

·      Athletic trainer or EMS advises student, parent/guardian and/or coach/school administrator

·      Administrator contacts parent or guardian if at all possible

·      Parent/guardian  makes the decision where to transport or take the student athlete for medical assistance and selects the medial provider and follow up medical provider if needed

o   If parent or guardian is not available, the administrator will make the decision whether to transport if medical attention is needed and continue to try to notify the parent or guardian.


Administration or coach will act on behalf of the parent or guardian only if the parent or guardian is not available and student safety will be priority.


Parent insurance is primary coverage.  Anderson County School student accident insurance will be secondary insurance coverage.  The parent selects the medical providers for treatment and follow up treatment.

Student accident insurance questions and paperwork help can be answered by Kim Hanson at Anderson County Board of Education at 839-3406.