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ACMS 1st Day Of School Information - August 11, 2022

We are excited to see our students on Thursday, August 11th.   Below is some important reminders for the upcoming school year at ACMS.

All students will report to their advisory class each morning.  Staff members will be at each entrance and all through the building to help students get to their advisory classroom.  On Thursday, August 11th, each student will receive a copy of their daily schedule from their advisory teacher. 

Our doors will open at 7:25 AM.  Students must be in their first period class by 8 AM to not be considered tardy to school.  Dismissal will begin at 3 PM with buses being dismissed first. 

Morning Arrival - Car Rider Drop Off
  • Car rider drop-off is in back parking lot.  Parents, please do not park to bring your child in the building. 
  • All students will enter at door 10
  • Two lines of traffic - please use both to make morning traffic flow more efficiently
  • Outside lane -- have student exit car and go to adult in middle of lanes to cross with adult supervision
  • Inside lane -- have student exit car onto the sidewalk and walk to door 10
  • Please pull forward until the traffic stops, then have your child exit.
  • Please do not wait to pull up to the entrance before your child exits the car.

Morning Arrival - Bus Riders
  • Bus Riders will be dropped off in the front of the building.
  • All students will enter at main entrance - Door #1

Breakfast Opportunity
  • Students have the opportunity to go the cafeteria to pick up a breakfast as they enter the school.
  • If a student wants breakfast, he/she must go to the cafeteria immediately when they enter the school building, then take their breakfast with them to advisory class. 

Parking & Visitors During School Hours
  • The front driveway at the ACMS main entrance is closed from 8 AM-4 PM each week day. 
  • All visitors are expected to park in one of the front parking lots.
  • All visitors are expected to show a valid ID at the front door along with stating their purpose of visit to ACMS before being allowed into the building.
  • Visitors must have made an appointment prior to arrival if they need to meet with a school employee for any reason.

Afternoon Dismissal
  • All parents/guardians who plan to pick up their child at the end of the school day must park in one of the front parking lots if arriving prior to 3:05 PM, before buses are dismissed.
  • 6th and 7th grade students will be picked up in the back parking lot following bus dismissal.
  • 8th grade students will be picked up in the front parking lot section B only.  
  • 6th and 7th grade parents/guardians who pick up their child will be directed by a staff member when it is time to enter the back parking lot for pick up.
  • All parents/guardians of 8th grade students who plan to pick up  their child must park in parking lot B.  Students will only be dismissed to the parking lot for pick up.  Cars will not be permitted to drive up the front drive way.  This is a new safety procedure in place beginning in the 2022-23 school year.
  • Please do not park anywhere along Mustang Trial for afternoon dismissal for the safety of our students and bus drivers.

Free Breakfast/Lunches
  • Anderson County Schools are participating in the Community Eligibility Provision program for free meals during the school day.
  • All students are eligible to have a free breakfast and lunch from ACMS.    
  • NOTE: Students may also bring their own lunch from home if they choose. 

Student Usage of Cell Phones
  • Students will be required to place their cell phone in an assigned location in each classroom each period.  
  • Students will have school issued chromebooks for use for technology for instruction during class time. Therefore, cell phones are not needed for instructional purposes.  
  • Students will not be permitted to use their cell phones during class time or lunch time.  
  • In the event of a school emergency or medical necessity, students will have immediate access to their cell phones.
  • Parents will need to call the front office 502-839-9261 if they need to give a necessary message, such as change in afternoon transportation method home, to their child.  
If you have any questions, please email Principal Rose at [email protected] or contact the ACMS front office tomorrow morning after 8 AM.

Thank you for your support as we begin our new school year. 

Anderson County Schools Federal and State COVID-Relief Spending Informational Guide
Sitting in a meeting with the board at Anderson County Schools or watching the live stream of the meeting, one thing becomes perfectly clear: our school board makes decisions that are informed by feedback from all stakeholders and is focused primarily on what is best for the students in our district. Have we gotten parent input, student input, staff input, community input? Check. Will this new program help recover some of the student learning loss? Are we targeting intervention services? Will this decision provide clear and direct aid to students? Check, check, and check. This is the process Superintendent Mitchell and the rest of the board follow in all decisions to ensure that each choice is informed and focused on best practices for the students in our schools. So too with the choices of how our district should spend the federal and state relief funds provided for COVID-Relief.
Tech It Out: Moudy Recognized for Diversity Award in AP Computer Science
February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a celebration of female pioneers like Dr. Marie Curie, astronaut Judith Resnik, anthropologist Margaret Mead, environmentalist Rachel Carson, and computer science pioneer Grace Murray Hopper. However, according to recent statistics from the American Association of University Women, an organization developed in 1881 by a small group of women to encourage enrollment in all fields of higher education, women still only comprise 28% of careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). In our world today, those are also the very careers likely to be the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs of the future. Part of the way we close that gap is by attracting and retaining female students in the classrooms that will encourage growth in the STEM fields—something Anderson County High School AP Computer Science teacher, Todd Moudy, has successfully achieved.

No Matter the Weather, Anderson County Teachers and Students Stick Together
LAWRENCEBURG, Ky-- As the winter weather continues to impact our area, many of us recall fond childhood memories of snow days off of school spent lazing about our homes, sporadically going outside to play in the snow. When we would return to school, our teachers would spend time refreshing our memories on our most recent lessons before continuing on to new content. We all loved those snow days, but what we did not enjoy were the warm summer days tacked on to the end of the school year that had to be used as make-up days. The warm breeze wafting through the classroom window seemed to call louder than the snow ever did.
Message from Superintendent Mitchell - Updated Guidance from CDC and KDHP
As you know, the CDC and Public Health released new Covid-19 guidance for schools this week.  I've been in consultation with our local Health Department, KDE and Cumberland Family Medical.  The Education Commissioner also held a webex for superintendents yesterday that included consultation with Dr. Connie White.  The new guidance has several changes and we have updated the Test to Stay document, put together a summary of changes document and provided the attachments below.
Assessment Reports Letter
Please click on the link below to read a letter regarding the assessment reports that are included with your child's report card.

SBDM Council:
 The ACMS Site-Based Decision-Making Council is responsible for making decisions, which directly relate to the safety and curriculum of our school. The Council is made up of one administrator, three teachers, and two parents.
We welcome and encourage all parents and teachers to participate in our SBDM monthly meetings.  
 2021-22 Council Members are:
Abidah Bryant - Parent Member
Kim Chrisman - Teacher Member
Sarah Cooper - Parent Member
Granville Hayes - Teacher Member
Courtney Wells - Teacher Member

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